books and publications

Space as Space Vasarely Museum Budapest, 2014
catalogue published by OSAS - Hungary

Upon The Long River  artistbook April 2014
work, text and concept: José Heerkens
design: Robbert Zweegman
photography: Willem Kuijpers

MEET ME IN BROOKLYN   artistbook January 2012
work, text and concept: José Heerkens
design: Robbert Zweegman
photography: Willem Kuijpers, Alexander Adams. Print: Thoben Offset Nijmegen

Lebt Theo?
Catalogue 2011. Published by Gesellschaft für Kunst und Gestaltung Bonn (G)
Text:  Dr. Susannah Cremer-Bermbach. English translation: Dagmar Weste.

Colour Matters #3
Catalogue 2011. Published by Kunstruimte 09 Groningen.

Bulletin Museum Waterland Purmerend.

Edition, 2009 IS-Projects, Leiden NL
Small box with a work of Brent Hallard(J), José Heerkens(NL), Gilbert Hsiao(D), Caroline de Lannoy(UK), Giles Ryder(Aus)   

Book, 2006
Conversation of Johannes van der Wolk and José Heerkens.The text and the images show a review of the works from 1992 - 2006
design: Robbert Zweegman, translation: John van Tiel,
photography: Willem Kuijpers, José Heerkens. Print: Thoben Offset Nijmegen.

Sainte Victoire - concepts towards abstraction
Brochure, 2006
Curator: Jasper van der Graaf
The brochure is a visual documentation of a series of four exhibitions about modern art which continues the search to abstraction.

Sjoerd Buisman en José Heerkens
Brochure, 2001
Text: Wat bindt een schilder en een beeldhouwer? by Edwin Jacobs. (only in Dutch)
design: T. Teeuwen, photography: Theo Jennissen, Willem Kuijpers, Thijs Quispel, Paul de Jong.

Arid Zone
Book, 1999
at the solo exhibition in Museum Jan Cunen, Oss (NL)
Texts by Edwin Jacobs, curator at Museum Jan Cunen Oss and Korrie Besems, visual artist.